February 7, 2018

Dear Coconut Mallory Timeshare Owners,

Over the past month we've experienced some tough challenges with subcontractors, limited availability of required key supplies, and overall management of the repairs to Coconut Mallory (CM).

For the past three weeks, we've had a CM owner with extensive construction experience on site, representing our interests. We've also met with the lead contractor, identifying the priorities necessary to get our resort opened as quickly as possible. While progress hasn't gone as fast as we initially desired, we have a better appreciation for the labor and supply challenges in Key West.

Davey (Dave) Smith, our CM owner representative on site, is now meeting with the lead contractor each day to receive current status updates of what was completed the day before and what's scheduled for that day. The contractor now has the right mix of laborers and they're working 7 days a week to complete repairs. We expect CM to open by April 1, 2018, with a partial opening of several units on March 1, 2018.

We apologize for this additional delay, but expect you'll be pleased with the repairs when you visit CM in the future.

As a result of the closure extending beyond original expectations – ours and yours - we must make a change in the compensation offered for owners who miss their travel week to CM because of the Irma outage. We are now offering a certificate good for a week, dependent on the inventory available at each resort, a studio, one or two-bedroom unit at a variety of resorts affiliated with Interval International (Interval). This certificate is a special one-time offering to owners at Interval-affiliated resorts that are still closed due to the past hurricane season. These available resorts rank among Interval's highest-rated quality resorts, but the weeks available exclude peak travel and holiday periods. Destinations include Orlando, Mexico-Riviera Maya, Branson, Myrtle Beach, Mexico-Puerto Pensaco, Hilton Head, Costa Del Sol, Balearic Islands, Mexico-Nuevo Vallarta and others. The certificate will be valid for travel only through February 2019. CM will pay the required exchange fee on your behalf.

If you have missed your week due to Irma, or if you have travel plans to be at Coconut Mallory over the next several weeks, please stay in touch with Owner Services by phone at 866.875.1383 or by email to mallory@goodmanagement.com. The resort is also able to assist at 305.292.0017.

For all future updates please monitor this or the Board's Facebook page: CM Maintenance Forum.

The Board of Directors