Coconut Mallory Owners,

We would like to update you from our last report. Our property insurance company's adjuster has just concluded his visit at Coconut Mallory. The adjuster appointed a construction consultant who then conducted a very thorough inspection of all resort units and areas. The consultant found numerous exceptions that have delayed the re-opening date of Coconut Mallory. He uncovered several instances where the wind-driven rain had entered certain units. That water intrusion, combined with a lack of ventilation due to the electricity outage, provided a perfect environment for mold to grow.

We have hired two firms to make the repairs. Currently a restoration company is working to remove all damaged finish building materials, apply an antimicrobial to all areas where finished materials were removed, and providing drying units where necessary. In some units, the scope of damage is requiring the contractor to remove all finished building materials. We have also hired a licensed Florida general contractor who will perform all interior and exterior repairs necessary to replace the damaged materials.
In addition to these construction requirements, the resort is currently without telephone, cable television and internet. The company that provides these communication services has given us the date of October 24 as to when our restoration work will begin in our neighborhood. Once those services are restored, we will be able to check to see if any of those distribution systems were damaged by the storm.

Based on these requirements and the contractors' schedules, we have set a target to open a limited number of timeshare units for Week 45 (for Friday occupancy on November 3 and for Saturday occupancy on November 4).

For those owners who will have to miss their travel week, Owner Services will be offering you one of these options:
- Only if a unit is available, be one of the first few owners who will occupy the resort, having to endure the noise and dust, during the final stages of re-construction.
- Choose to take an additional week at Coconut Mallory in 2018.
- Accept two (2) weeks from Coconut Mallory's account for exchange with Interval International.

I am certain you will be pleased to learn that our employee group has remained in-tact during this outage and most are continuing to work at the resort in support of the efforts to re-open Coconut Mallory.

Again, if you missed your week due to the storm, or if you have travel plans to be at Coconut Mallory over the next several weeks, please stay in touch with our Owner Services by phone at 866-875-1383 or by email to